Tool Hire

Borrow – Don’t Buy the Tools you Need!


Have you got projects at home you want to complete, but don’t have the tools?

That’s what the Tool Shed is for. We’re a tool library, allowing our members to borrow tools in exactly the same way a normal library lends its members books.

Borrowing Tools Is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Sign Up

Create an account with The Tool Shed – it’s straightforward and just takes a few minutes

2. Reserve Your Tools

Find the tools you need and reserve them. We’ll then make sure they’re ready for you to pick up at the right time.

3. Verify your Identity

When you first come to collect your tools, bring your ID.


To join the scheme, you must live in Carmarthenshire.
The Tool Shed project is for personal use only, and tools cannot be loaned by an individual for business use.

Click here to read our Terms of Membership