Terms and Conditions

Becoming a member allows you to access our shared tools to use when you need them, rather than buying your own. You can also access our virtual workshops & learn new skills such as basic carpentry, sewing, upholstery, wirework, painting and tiling!

We will also be running sessions in Business & Marketing and linking with agencies who can help start your own business, so maybe your upcycling hobby could turn into a new career!

For 1 year you can

  • Borrow from Y Sied Offer/The Tool Shed
  • Join our online virtual workshops and learn new DIY skills
  • You can be part of a community creating a more sustainable Carmarthenshire!


Membership Cost

There is no charge fee for annual membership, but as a charity we would be happy to accept donations so that we can replace and repair tools and keep the library fully stocked.


How do I join?

The project is specifically for families and individuals who live in Carmarthenshire and have a limited disposable income.

You need an email address,  photo ID** and an Official Letter*** as proof of address.

Your membership will be activated once you have:

  • Your personal info and eligibility verified
  • Signed the eligibility agreement

**Photo ID – such as a driving licence, passport, bus pass or student card.
**Official Letter – A bank statement, HMRC letter, job centre letter, or utility bill – Dated within the last 6 months and with your current address.


Tools in our inventory can only be used by Y Sied Offer/The Tool Shed members.

Return tools, clean, on time, and ready for the next member to loan.

Report any damage immediately. Borrowers are responsible for reporting damage they have caused. We won’t charge you for broken tools, but we do need you to tell us so that we can ensure that all our tools are safe.  If you can afford to, we would appreciate a donation so that we can replace it.

Do not loan to a third party – the agreement is between the Member and Y Sied Offer/The Tool Shed.

All tools will be lent for a period of 1 week, but longer periods can be requested depending on demand.   Two days prior to the item being due for return an electronic reminder will be sent out giving a gently reminder that tools/other items are due to be returned to your local collection point on a specified day.

Y Sied Offer / The Tool Shed has a late fee payable of £1 per day overdue; with a visit to recover the property after 5 days.  If the items continue to be unrecoverable then further action will be taken, including reporting an incident of theft to the police.  Additionally, all higher priced elements are GPS tagged.