Borrow the tools you need to make more of your home

Although you can buy a power drill for as little as £40,  the average power drill is used for just 14 minutes in it’s lifetime!

Becoming a member of the Tool Shed allows you to save money by accessing shared tools to use when you need them, rather than buying your own.

CBSA Tool Shed is specifically for families and individuals who live in Carmarthenshire who  are looking to make their income go further by borrowing rather than buying.

The Tool Shed is free to both join and loan.

Donations are gratefully accepted so that we can replace and repair tools and keep the library fully stocked. All income received is reinvested back into the tool library so that we can ensure all the tools are safe and fit for purpose.

See the range of tools we have available for loan, or sign up here

About The Tool Shed

Stronger Together is a project managed by the CBSA and funded by the National Lottery Community Fund through Helping Working Families Programme. CBSA spent a year collaborating with local families to come up with an idea for a project that would help people in Carmarthenshire make their money go further.

Using their input and ideas, and after many group discussions, it was decided to create and develop Y Sied Offer/The Tool Shed, a tool lending library that will make DIY and repair more affordable for individuals and families who live in Carmarthenshire.

Y Sied Offer/The Tool Shed will loan tools to households across Carmarthenshire with little or no disposable income so that they can carry out home repairs and upcycling, as well as providing workshops on DIY and upcycling to ensure that members know how to use the tools safely and can share their knowledge on how to repair & create.

About the CBSA

The Centre for Building Social Action Limited is a not for profit, community anchor organisation, providing solutions to challenges facing West Wales.

CBSA emerged from a community development initiative founded nearly 30 years ago, since when we have evolved into a community anchor organisation that promotes and supports grassroots action and social justice.

As a community anchor organisation, our interests and areas of activity are broad-based, underpinned by a long history of facilitating sustainable community activism through raising awareness and supporting grassroots action.

We work with individuals, communities and business to deliver meaningful projects that harness their strengths and contribute to a sustainable future.